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About the Party

At AM Healthcare Jam Night, we provide an evening of fun and fellowship for those in recovery. Our house band will start off the night with a couple of songs and then we invite you to join us. Whether you bring your own instrument or just want to sing along, its your party and the night is all about having fun in a safe and supportive environment. Our goal is to provide a platform for self-expression and to foster a community of recovery. So come and join us

Join in the fun. We have a huge studio space with all the gear you could wish for.   Full PA system, instruments (guitars, keys, bass, microphones, drums, and whatever you can think of).  Our house band will start out with a couple of songs and then invite you up to sit in, sing with, or sing backup to songs that we are already getting requests from you all to play.  No judgement, feel free to make a few mistakes, ask for help with a tune from one of our staff before you sit in.  Our sound guy will also help you dial in your tone, get your vocals sounding great and light up the stage for all the awesomeness

And we need an audience, grab some snacks and drinks and watch the show.

If you need a more mellow space studio 2 is available for hanging out, grabbing some snacks and drinks, and talking with your friends or making some new friends.

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